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My name is Jeff and I'm a sugar addict. HI JEFF!!!!

March 5th 2015 - Posted at 16:23h in blog by Jeff Bischoff - 3 Comments

I have been a sugar addict since my first haircut. It was 1964... the barber scared me but the purple lollipop calmed my nerves. I was 2, and I was hooked!

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Comedy? or Documentary?

December 19th 2014 - Posted at 11:25h in blog by Jeff Bischoff - 2 Comments

Part 1 in a series, studying the culture and chaos that play out in a Greek family, through the eyes of a non-Greek, who stumbled into it all by marriage, unaware of the customs, protocols, and traditions.

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Green People

November 26th 2014 - Posted at 09:47h in blog by Jeff Bischoff - 2 Comments

Katrina was meeting with a possible new vendor for the Back40 Mercantile at the Dallas show before we opened and after hearing Kat recite our store's sustainability mission the woman says, in a fairly loud drawled out voice:

(when Kat retold it, "green" had two syllables)

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Ode to Daddy's little birthday girl

November 15th 2014 - Posted at 14:29h in blog by Jeff Bischoff - 3 Comments

My daughter turned 13 today.
8.30am, C section, Santa Monica Hospital, Arnold Schwarzenegger Maternity ward.

I remember it like it was 68 years ago.

One day my little girl got tall...

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Rough Housing

October 6th 2014 - Posted at 15:42h in blog by Jeff Bischoff - 2 Comments

Football used to be a 4 season sport.

In my childhood, we played football year 'round. My 4 brothers and I would play full contact, aggressive tackle football...

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